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Attract more bookings within carefully crafted Premium Hotel Guests target group. Manage Loyalty while optimising cost per quality booking.

Have you been on top of your recent cost per booking statistics? If the answer is yes, then you most probably also know what's your cost per one client aquisition and the cost of retaining the client that brings in multiple bookings. This level of analytics provides valuable insight into your daily operations as well as your stategic decisions. Our data shows that growing customer loyalty and rewarding returning customers does a way better job then spending the whole sales and marketing budget on adds and CEO alone.

Smart and profitable loyalty / reward program is not easy to design and set up, however if implemented and managed wisely, it can do a lot of good to your hotel.

The good news is that LBooking has this figured out already. LBooking loyalty platform is extreemly attractive and easy to use: guests can pay for their hotel stay with reward points and they can get up to 95% discounts! As your hotel decides to join Luxury Loyalty Club program you not only start gaining new bookings and returning clients, you also become a part of the Premium Luxury Loyalty segment that positively bosts your brand awareness.

With LBooking, you also gain access to powerful up-selling and cross-selling tools and e-commerce solutions that directly support the growth of your average check-out price. A dedicated Luxury Experts Team with years of experience in hospitality industry will be at your service, maintaining quality operations and support that you can only expect in Premium-class business.

You are ready for LBooking leading cloud-based technology for Premium hotels if:
- you represent (or plan to open) a Premium sector business
- you are ready to operate in a reality where all the bookings are managed by just one employee in your hotel and with the use of just one application
- you are looking for a booking / revenue management model that drives in more guests but not neccessarily more costs (profit optimisation model)
- you want to grow your sales and revenue by optimising cost of customer aquisition and customer retention
-you plan on building your steady competitive advantage by working directly with luxury booking experts

We are here to help you gain deeper insight into your business and take better business decisions based on real-time data, statistics and trends. We can also integrate LBooking technology with your current PMS, CRM or ERP. Come on board, and you will have a chance to concentrate on improving your main KPIs, such as ROI, RevPAR, CPAR while we take care of bookings.

Your hotel is unique and we understand this more than everything. We also understand your needs and challenges.
Our team will work with you directly to implement taylor-made solutions that will be supporting your unique business on a day to day basis.

What are your current business goals? Give us a call at 793 463 600 so we can help you build a well grounded plan.
  Choose this plan to access personalized features of LBooking cloud-based technology
   booking portal or direct-booking engine
   Cloud-based software (no instalations required)
   Premium class support
   real-time statistics & analytics
   luxury loyalty solutions
   up-selling & cross-selling e-commerse solutions
   marketing automation (luxury travellers target)
   omnichannel: desktop, responsive web (mobile)
   cutting edge technology + API
   free software upgrades
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