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In October 2021, we are flying to Dubai for the GITEX Technology Week . It is a prestigious event that has been gathering exhibitors presenting new technologies and their application in business for many years. In this year's edition, over 4,500 exhibitors from 140 countries have confirmed their participation, including innovative technology companies, startups, government entities and over 400 of the most active investors. On October 17-21 this year, we will promote the potential of new technologies, on which we have been working with passion as part of the R&D department and the implementation department since 2019.

We invite premium-class hotels that know the importance of technological transformation in the hotel industry to jointly participate in the fair. Together, we are able to challenge the status quo of large OTAs. We invite you to a joint journey into the world of direct booking, e-commerce in hotel reservations as well as analytics and benchmarking for hotel managers and owners, which is available in the cloud, in real time.

LBooking is an innovative cloud for premium hotels. We effectively connect loyal customers with unique hotel facilities on the map of Europe, and in the near future also in the Middle East.

If you are interested in participating directly or indirectly in the fair, please contact: hello@lbooking.online

More information by phone: 793992700.
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